Looper (2012)

the GOOD


Director: Rian Johnson

“Time travel has not yet been invented. But thirty years from now, it will have been.”
Looper could’ve been a really good film, even though it borrows heavily from a whole bunch of other films, if they could’ve just made it without Bruce Willis.
Don’t get me wrong, i like the guy and he is great here, even his best performance since Sin City i’d say, but he just doesn’t look like Joseph Gordon-Levitt at all, no matter how much prostetics and effects they apply on Gordon-Levitt. And that’s the thing that alsmost ruined Looper for me, Joseph’s face is very well recognisable and it is extremly off putting to see him here with an ill fitting eye color, huge nose, bushy eyebrows and deep red lips (what the fuck was that about anyway?). He is great here and i liked the character and the whole set up, i just don’t get why there’s any need to have Willis play his older self. The film would’ve been much better if they had simply aged Gordon-Levitt and let him play both roles.
This might be considered SPOILER stuff, so please don’t read further if you haven’t seen it yet, cause i’ll point out some of the other films that were ripped off:
12 Monkeys
The Terminator
Butterfly Effect (Director’s Cut)
Repo Men

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