Zûmu appu: Binîru-bon no onna (Zoom Up: Beaver Book Girl) (1981)



Director: Takashi Kanno

Nikkatsu’s Roman Porno line has some outstanding titles, that dive deep into the psychological nature and effects of extreme situations and grim storys. Most of those films have potential to shock unexpecting audiences and often the storys and characters are quite perverted, since pushing the limitis in the most extreme ways was the only way to keep people intrested for the studio back then. While some of these films are throwing unpleasant moral questions of the basic human nature and gender issues in you face, others are just plain sleazy smut, either entertaining throught their unbelievable over the top situations or simply outrageous. This is the third part of the “Zoom Up” series, which apparently don’t have anything in common besides the title and story similarities and while it’s very well shot, the story (by Takashi Ishii)  is rather weak. It’s got some fun value if you don’t take it serious at all.

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