Yip Man (Ip Man) (2008)

the YIP


Director: Wilson Yip

“I’m just a Chinese man.”
Yip Man was one of the greatest martial arts fighter of all time and the teacher of Bruce Lee, so it comes as a surprise that this is the first ever film about him.
The film is full of chliches and over the top fighting, just like i expected. The cheesy music is plain terrible and overall there’s a lot of melodrama. Every japanese guy is a brutal bastards, while almost all chinese people make a huge deal about their honour and fairness, which can be very annoying at times.
The story is but an episode in the middle of Yip Mans life and has some similaritys with FIST OF FURY.
The fighting is great and the film is entertaining enough, but it feels like a missed chance because of the overdramatic production and it’s not exactly the best introduction to a man who was a legend. We don’t know where or even why he started to learn martial arts, but we are told that he “likes to fight” a couple of times. Apparently part 2 focuses more on his life as a teacher (i hope) and there’s also a prequel, which might give more insights into his background.

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