Valhalla Rising (2009)

the GOOD


“They only have one God. We have many.”
Valhalla Rising has been out for quit a while now and i never considered picking it up, mostly because it didn’t seem intresting enough cause it looked like some low budget B-Movie crap.
Since Drive and Bronson  left such a huge impression on me, i decided to give it a chance and Nicolas Winding Refn didn’t let me down.
You can definitely see that VR was indeed shot with a tight budget, but despite that, it still is extremly well done, the only thing that was a bit distracting was the CG blood.
As expected, this is highly stylised filmmaking, an intresting and very original story, with unusual characters and lots of dark and moody atmosphere.
It’s rather slow paced, but never the least boring and quit brutal at times.
I’d highly recommend this, but i can imagine a lot of people will be put off by the main character, whose not exactly what you’d call a nice guy…

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