Shinjuku maddo (Shinjuku Mad) (1970)

the GOOD


Director: Kôji Wakamatsu

“There are so many people around here, and yet nobody cares.”
Wakamatsu did a truly good here, showing the differences between the anti-war/freedom youth of the late 60s and the older generations. The story centers around a father, in search for his sons’ killers. He wanders the streets of shinjuku und seems very much out of place.
There’s also some criticism about the youths lack of motivation and meaning to their revolution and the  failure to really change anything instead of just talk about it.
Intrestingly enough, there’s lots of frontal nudity, as usual, yet this time it makes sense within the story instead of random sex scenes, which Wakamatsu even refrains from now.
Again, this is beautifully shot, as always, and the story is also very good.

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