Sex Jack (1970)



Director: Kôji Wakamatsu

“Could you kill a human?”
All of Wakamatsu’s films i’ve seen so far has been beautifully shot, even to the point of style over substance, and this is no exeption.
Everything you’d expect from Wakamatsu is here, be it good or bad, like sometimes mediocre acting and sex scenes that couldn’t be more random, while also not being particulary erotic either.
It only adds to the general weirdness of the pinku eiga genre that it’s required to have sex scenes about every 15min, yet they’re hardly ever very erotic, though it is fun to see what they have come up with to get people’s attention and the way they avoid to get into trouble with the strict japanese laws, while also trying to push the limits.
The footage of the actual student revolt at the beginning of the film adds a lot to the film, as do the moody backdrops.
What Sex Jack lacks in story and character progress, it sure makes up with atmosphere.
There are some very bizarr scenes in the last third and also lots of political critisism, which is quite the joke since the groups beliefs make for an illogical and politically incorrect ending.
As strange as it gets.

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