Don 2 (2011)

the DON


Director: Farhan Akhtar

“You didn’t listen to me, i said i didn’t think of an escape plan… for you.”
There’s no doubt that you will enjoy this one if you liked part one.
Shah Rukh Khan is always best playing evil guys and he goes well over the top here yet again.
The story isn’t that good to start with and it gets even worse in the second half, but the different locations and action sequences make up for that.
It’s far from being a masterpiece and aparently they took themselves and the film even less serious than the first one and that’s a very good thing.
Of course there is some of the usual singing and dancing, which i don’t mind at all cause it fits and the songs are mostly good and it’s never distracting.
I’m sure i’d hate this if it was an american film, but the weirdness of Bollywood makes it very enjoyable and I had a great time watching it.

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