Drive (2011)

the GOOD


Director: Nicolas Winding Refn

“How about this, you shut your mouth or i’ll kick your teeth down your throat and i’ll shut it for you.”
to say i was reluctant to watch this would be a huge understatement, the trailer fooled me into thinking this would be some macho action crap like those dreadful Fast and Furious films.
even when some of my friends recommended it and urged me to watch it, i still wasn’t intrested.
that changed when i learned that Drive is from director Nicolas Winding Refn, whose Bronson film left me very impressed when it come out.
so i decided to give this a go and it was well worth it.
this is great on absolutely every level.
the casting is also just plain brilliant and as expected, it’s beautifuly shot, with an electronic soundtrack that hits just right and makes for a lot of atmosphere.
it’s painfuly brutal at times, which only adds to the character in my opinion since it shows that there’s a lot more to this guy than meets the eye.

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