Hugo (2011)

the BAD


Director: Martin Scorsese

“Georges, you’ve tried to forget the past for so long, but it has caused you nothing but unhappiness. Maybe it’s time you tried to remember.”
this thing got 11 (eleven!) oscar nominations, which only adds to my cnviction, that the whole awards thing is a big pile of hollywood shxt, but that’s a different story.
ah, talking about story, that’s one of the many flaws this multi million $$$ piece of crap has, cause the story should be about this Hugo kid, but it feels like his story wasn’t really all that intresting, cause after a while it isn’t about him all that much anymore and it feels like everyone else is much more important than him.
i got the feeling they couldn’t make up their mind about the target audience, cause this tries so hard to be a kids blockbuster film, but is hardly ever engaging and all the good stuff will most likely be not as intresting for kids.
it is rather well acted and good shot, which is the least that i expect from Scorsese, but overall this just fell apart for me cause of uneven pacing, thin story and characters that i couldn’t connect with.
we’re supposed to feel sorry for Hugo, but all his whining just annoyed me after about 20 min and besides that he’s an orphan, his life doesn’t seem to be all that bad since he doesn’t seem to mind quiting school and winding up clocks all day.
most of the other characters don’t seem to have much reason other than for a little variety.
actually this film let me down so much on about every level, that i don’t even want to spend another minute explaining why.

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